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Friday, 3 November 2017

Blavatsky and Masonry

Jean-Marie Ragon
Here's what Blavatsky says about Masonry: "But, talk of such a deity — a "NON-EGO" — to the modern priest and theologian or even to the average Mason of General Pike’s school of masonic thought, and see whether the former does not forthwith proclaim you an infidel, and the latter a heretic from "the Grand Orient" of France. It is the "Principe Créateur " of the French Masons, and the same that led, some ten or twelve years ago, to a final split and feud between the only decent ap-proximation on this globe to a "Universal Brotherhood" of Man — to wit, Masonry." (Lucifer, Vol. III, No. 18, February, 1889, pp. 505-512 - CW 11, p.24)

Blavatsky and the Battle of Mentana

Garibaldi, along with Giuseppe Mazzini and other Italian reformers, were leaders in what was known as the Risorgimento, or the rebirth and unification of Italy. The Risorgimento demanded an end to foreign occupation, a government that empowered ordinary people, and the overthrow of papal rule, or the "pope as king."
“The British Birth of the Occult Revival, 1869-1875” by Patrick D. Bowen
 October 23, 2017 - K.P.Johnson
A groundbreaking article appeared in Theosophical History Vol. XIX Issue 1, January 2017, pp. 5-37. Co-editor of Letters to the Sage Patrick D. Bowen has analyzed the careers of Kenneth Mackenzie and associates and discovered evidence suggesting intertwined roots of many post-1875 occult groups in the work of a group of British Freemasons.

Jason Colavito writes coherent albeit negative critique of Blavatsky’s Masonic Chapter from Isis and the subsequent influence thereof (and gets a lively response)

Fundamentalist Christian sources, typical “new world order” conspiracy theory, not quite as shrill as most, research not bad:
Freemasonry & The Catholic Church: A Brief Introduction
H. Reed Armstrong May 12, 2017
This is the “occult doctrine” promoted through the ages by the followers of Satan going back to the Garden, as newly propounded  by Helena P. Blavatsky  – The Secret Doctrine (Pasadena, California: Theosophical University Press, 1963), Volume I, page 414.  Volume II, pages 234, 235, 243, 245.

Article explores Blavatsky’s relationship with Charles Sotheran;
Helena Blavatsky on Charles Sotheran and Masonic Patent: “I am not a thirty-third degree Mason”
Dominique Johnson 24 May 2017

Madame Blavatsky a Freemason
Brother George Fleming Moore printed articles entitled Notes from India and Co-Masonry in the October, 1910, and February, 1911, issues of the New Age, of which he then was the editor.
When we say the good friends of Madame Blavatsky assert that she never claimed to Mason we refer to members of the Theosophical Society. Shortly after the issuance of our article, Notes from India, we received a letter from Brother J. H. Fussell of Point Loma California, taking us to task for intimating that Madame Blavatsky ever claimed to be a Mason and urging us in the strongest terms to correct what he deemed an error and one that is unfair to the memory of H. P. Blavatsky.

French article touches upon Blavatsky, Mazzini, Garibaldi, Yarker Connections:
On jette un œil sur : Helena Blavatsky

11 août 2016- jeremy lehut

 English translation- Jean-Marie Ragon on Universal Masonry and Brother/Sisterhood

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