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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Blavatsky and the Philaletheians, UK

For a long time, perhaps too long, Blavatsky News 2 has been favouring a dry approach; perhaps too dry, too intellectual; perhaps it's time for a change of pace. For quite some time now, Dr
CA Bartzokas, MD
  and his Philaletheians have been rejuvenating the creative, artistic aspect of text presentations, bringing the spirit of illuminated manuscripts to the computer age. They have an impressive series of large volumes of comprehensive extracts on fundamental theosophical doctrines and a large series of aesthetically reformatted articles by H. P. Blavatsky:
Planetary Rounds of the Divine Monad
A great compendium of the Chains, Globes and Rounds cosmological system
Rise and Demise of ATLANTIS 
A great compendium of accounts of Atlantis from the original early literature 
Esoteric Geochronology 
An accompanying chart explaining the geological times periods compared to today's figures
Bestride the Bird of Life, If thou would'st know
A fine article that references the main texts concerning the symbolism of the swan from different mystical mythological traditions
A reprint of an excellent article on Hindu occultism
Kotyya, C.  “The Hindu Theory of Vibration as the Producer of Sounds, Forms and Colors,” The Theosophist, Vol. XII, October and November, 1893,. 



  1. At a preliminary glance this is quite interesting material - and beautifully presented. The ambition and scope of the TS always astonishes me. It is a pity there is no 'TS University' (or some such professional focal point) focusing and harnessing all the divergent contributions of members around the world. I really enjoy your work on this site.

  2. thanks Dewald - I try to keep track of the major developments... a little tough keeping a monthly writing frequency, but I'm getting back on track...

  3. Here is a new book with a chapter on HPB and Tibetan Buddhism i just noticed - in case of interest:
    Publisher Brill.
    Sino-Tibetan Buddhism across the Ages
    Studies on East Asian Religions, Volume: 5
    Editors: Ester Bianchi and Weirong Shen
    This book introduces the reader to different cases of cultural intersections between Tibet and China in the field of Buddhism. The ten chapters provide a series of insights into Sino-Tibetan exchanges within religious practices and... See More.Copyright Year: 2021
    Cant quite afford it myself. (google books seems to reveal the chapter).

  4. thanks Dewald, sounds interesting - I only cover about 1% of the vibrant text publication activity concerning Blavatsky these days, so it's nice to have some added input - perhaps I can fit it into a post at some point, but there it is...