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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Blavatsky & Alternative Science

Thomas Edison
From Frankenstein to feminism: how electricity powered our imaginations
Naomi Alderman - 20 Feb 2017

Surprisingly perhaps, Bulwer-Lytton’s novel was so popular in Britain at the time that the word “vril” became a synonym for any “life-giving elixir”. It’s still in the language today: Bovril is a portmanteau of “bovine vril” – that thing derived from cows that gives you life and energy. The founder of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, was a great fan of vril, and you can still find websites today explaining how Atlanteans mastered gravity via vril energy, capturing it in pyramids.

Weird NJ: Thomas Edison wanted to talk to the dead
Aug. 13, 2017

For example, in 1878 Edison briefly wound up associating with an organization of mystics known as the Aryan Theosophic Society, where he discussed the role of science and technology in mysticism with their leader, Madame Elene Blavatsky. While Edison left the group (and even went on to deny ever associating with them), these experiences got him thinking about different Eastern religious ideas, particularly reincarnation.
Edison’s ‘Spirit Box’ Tried to Determine the Nature of Life, Not Just Talk with the Dead
Matthew Hart - October 20, 2017

JAMES GALLANT - 4 November 2015

But facts were facts, and Richet’s list of scientists who had examined the most gifted physical mediums for trickery “not once, but twenty, a hundred, or even a thousand times” — and found none — included Alfred Russel Wallace, a colleague of Darwin’s who wrote on various aspects of evolutionary theory, and physicist-chemist Sir William Crookes.”

Bhiku Chaman Lal's 'discovery' of Hindu America
S.K. Saksena - 03 April, 2017

Madam Blavatsky wrote: "A daughter of Kauravya, King of the Nagas in Patala ('patal lok'!) was married to Arjuna, the disciple of Krishna, whom every tradition, oral and written, shows travelling five thousand years ago to Patala. The Puranic tale is based on a historical fact. Moreover, Ulupi, as a name, has a Mexican ring in it."

Ancient Civilisations: The Theories of Atlantis and Lemuria – May 18, 2017

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