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Monday, 7 December 2020

Blavatsky Letter to J. Ralston Skinner 4 - May 27, 1889

The final two Blavatsky letters mainly discuss a Tibetan artifact (shrine, Holy of Holies, with a prayer-wheel) and a gold ring that she sent to Mr. Skinner. This small episode adds yet another mysterious element to the correspondence, because there exists considerable lore regarding the legacy of Blavatsky's rings, See:

Maycot Crownhill Upper Norwood London ES May 27

I have forwarded today per steamer ‘’Alaska’’ little bronze shrine Tibetan & aerolique (1), gold ring- for you & insured the package through agent. Let me know when you receive them. Do not allow anyone to wear or even touch that ring , except yourself. ‘’HPB’s’’ pkg is sent through Dr. Buck.  The right arm pains so terribly that I can hardly write. It is terrible to be doomed to comparative inaction. I wish I could write a long letter. I have so much to say. But the pain in my arm cannot prevent you from writing surely. What are you evolving just now? I am reading the MSS with more attention than ever. It is a wonderful thing and your letter, the last still more so. If could only meet you I would say more than I can write. But I will never live long enough to see America again anyhow your ever sincerely HPB

(1) word uncertain - possibly aerolique, meaning air-operated, in reference to the prayer-wheel mechanism of the Tibetain shrine artifact.

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